Peking Review, Dec. 17.1976:


Soviet Insult to Finlandís Independence Intolerable

The proposal by the Soviet Ambassador Stepanov to Finland to jointly celebrate next year the 60th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution and of Finlandís Independence Day has been indignantly denounced by many political figures in Finland. They have exposed the sinister motives behind the Soviet proposal and firmly demanded that their government unequivocally refuse this "proposal" and hold its own independence day celebrations.

Made first by the Soviet youth organization "The Komsomol", the Soviet proposal was again mentioned in a speech at a meeting by the Soviet Ambassador.

A "political storm" has been stirred up and indignation aroused in political circles by the proposal. Finnish Parliament Member of the National Coalition Party Kullervo Rainio, in his verbal inquiry in the Parliament, said the proposal constituted interference in another countryís affairs and was an "insult to Finlandís independence".