Kullervo Rainio

Curriculum vitae in brief

Born in Jyväskylä, Finland, Aug. 10.1924; s. Väinö Johannes and Helga Maria (Ikonen) Rainio. M.A. Helsinki U., 1950, PhD, 1955; m. 2d. Laura Asteri Snellman, May 4.1970; children - Vesa Akseli, Antti Kullervo.

Psychologist, Institute of Industrial Supervision 1950-58, docent in social psychology, Helsinki University, 1957-64, professor l964-86, prof. emeritus 1986-; professor in psychology, University of Tampere, 1963-64. - Main themes in scientific study: mathematical analysis of social interaction; stochastic theory of cognition and behaviour; discrete process modelling for quantum and mind systems. (See the scientific books!)

Member of Finnish Parliament, 1972-79, vice chairman of Constitutional Party, 1977-82.

Fulbright grantee, 1955-56 (Yale Univ. and Michigan Univ., Ann Arbor). Member of the International Association of Applied Psychology, member of the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology, member of the European Group of Mathematical Psychology, member of the Philosophical Association in Finland, and Psychological Association in Finland (chairman 1966-67). Member of the Society of the Natural Philosophy in Finland (chairman 1989-90, honorary member 2008).

Evangelic Lutheran.

Author of textbooks, monographs, collections of poems, of political articles, memories.

E-mail: kullervo.rainio@pp.inet.fi