Kullervo Rainio

Scientific books and selected articles 

(Only those written in English, in Swedish, in German, or in Czech are mentioned)

Om psykologiska prov och deras användning vid valet av arbetsledare. Industri-tidningen 6-7, pp. 326-328. 1951

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Power and power processes. Talk given at the Lahti Writer's Reunion, summer 1968.

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Simulation of multi-play prisoner's dilemma according to a quantitative goal/expectation theory. Research reports, Department of Social Psychology, University of Helsinki, 2. 1981

Prisoner's dilemma in the light of component analysis of transition probabilities. Res. rep. as above, 2. 1983

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Actualization, Perception, and Reality. Symposia on the Foundations of Modern Physics, Singapore, 1993.

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A general stochastic description of processes; an interdisciplinary approach. Re-search reports 1/98, Department of Social Psychology, Helsinki University. (Abstract in English, text in Finnish: Tapahtumisen yleinen kuvaus.) 1998

Cognitive Process and Behavior; A Conceptual Framework and Simulations. Re-search Reports 1/2000, Department of Social Psychology, Helsinki University. (e-book, available in address: http://ethesis.helsinki.fi/julkaisut/val/sosps/muut/rainio/ ) Abstract 

Towards a Holistic Study on Consciousness. (Unpublished article in Finnish. Abstract) 2001

Quantum and Cognition; an Approach to Dynamic Psychology in a Quantum Framework. (In Finnish.) Abstract in English. 2006

Discrete Process Model for Quantum and Mind Systems. (In Finnish). Abstract in English. 2006

Discrete Process Model for Quantum and Mind Systems. Research Reports 1/2008, Department of Social Psychology, Helsinki University. e-book, available in address: https://ethesis.helsinki.fi/julkaisut/val/sosps/muut/rainio2/

Discrete Process Model for Quantum Systems of Matter and Mind, World Futures, Vol. 65, N:o 4, May 2009. Abstract available in address: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/02604020802392161

Kurt Lewin’s Dynamical Psychology Revisited and Revised. Dynamical Psychology, 2010. e-text, available in https://www.researchgate.net/publication/287003320_Kurt_Lewin's_dynamical_psychology_revisited_and_revised

The Mind/Brain Problem and Perception in Terms of Discrete Quantum Mechanics (DQM), International Journal of Psychological Studies, Vol. 3, No 2/2011. e-text, available in http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/ijps/article/view/13337